Family Law

Facing a divorce or challenging domestic law issue can put you on an emotional roller coaster. Legal matters affecting your marriage, your children's welfare and your parenting rights are among the most frustrating problems most of us will face in our lifetime. The lawyer you turn to will make a significant difference in how you come through the next several weeks and months, on your way to a new future.

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Competent And Compassionate Representation

At Armstrong Thomas Berry Lampton and McCardle, PLLC, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi, we believe that your divorce or family law attorney should be someone who does more than just fill out the forms on time. Our team of caring lawyers and staff understands that legal knowledge is essential. But compassion is the critical difference.

We are ready to help you with any family law matter, including:

  • Divorce, including uncontested negotiated property and support settlements, as well as aggressive trial litigation when necessary to protect your rights in complex disputes
  • Child custody, including divorce custody judgments and parenting time, as well as custody and child support litigation for unmarried parents
  • Adoption, including stepparent adoption, extended family adoptions and agency adoptions
  • Estate law and asset protection, including wills, trusts and probate administration

When it comes to resolving family law problems or addressing a specific need, there are no one-size-fits-all answers. We begin each case by sitting down with our client to listen. Not just about the legal details, but also about how the outcome will impact their family in the near future and down the road several years. Then we work as a team to propose a strategy that will meet the specific needs of the family involved.

Call us at 601-574-0151 or use the convenient email form to describe the nature of your family law matter. We will promptly schedule a consultation to have you meet with one of our lawyers as soon as possible.